Social Enterprise Capacity Building MasterClass with John Pepin

21 Jul

One of the hardest part in any organization is to produce revenue to keep the organization sustainable. As a consultant of social enterprise, I get asked the same question over and over about fundraising and getting capital to start the business. I think most of the problem that entrepreneurs face is the lack of ability to generate funds or capital to even start with. When I told them (budding entrepreneurs) stories how I or other entrepreneurs started businesses with just mouth and elbow grease as capital, they think its impossible.

However, an important rule of being a consultant is guiding the client towards an answer, not telling them how. This is something that I brought from John Pepin’s Masterclass workshop on Social Enterprise. I can’t just tell entrepreneurs that it is possible to gain capital from just what you have (which is mostly elbow grease and mouth), but I have to guide them towards that and to other possibilities like getting capital from external sources. They have to experience and come up with the solutions themselves.

Canadian born John Pepin is no stranger to social enterprise world. He is an accomplished non-profit chief executive and consultant, Director of the consultancy JPA Europe Limited, wirh over 15 years as a Chief Executive to a variety of charities and associations of differing sizes and complexities as well as extensive experience as a consultant, Board Trustee, Board Chair and Executive Committee member. He resides in the UK and is part of the social enterprise movement.

There were many useful lessons that we received from John Pepin that day, especially how a social enterprise should sustain itself, sell themselves towards customers, towards fundraising and towards government policy. It was enlighting day. Thank you British Council for the opportunity to learn more about social enterprise.


One Response to “Social Enterprise Capacity Building MasterClass with John Pepin”

  1. eryka July 22, 2010 at 6:26 am #

    Oooo, papa Chandra itu konsultan dibidang social enterprise ya?

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