Community Entrepreneur Training: Governing and Funding Social Enterprises

27 Sep

Held on the 21st to the 23rd of September 2010 at the Santika Serpong hotel’s Parigi room, the British Council held its final training session with selected semi finalist of the Community Entrepreneur Challenge (CEC) on governing and funding. Once again I had the honour of assisting in the training sessions with two other trainers already known by fellow CEC participants: mrs.Rini Sudaryani from Unpad and mr.Bijaksana Junerosano from Greeneration Indonesia (GI).

The first day was opened with mrs.Rini getting input on the participant’s expectations of the training, with a mix of ice breaking and simple exercises to set the pace. Day one of the training was mostly filled with my training materials on Community Involvement & Engagement in the first half of the day, and with Marketing Analysis on the later part of the day. With Sano’s help, we managed to get a lively discussion on both topic with time to spare. We even had time to squeeze in Fajar’s topic on Alex Osterwalder‘s Business Model Canvas.

After the first day sessions and a moment to freshen up, participants got catered to an innovative session with some of Indonesia’s creative individuals. Hoping to broaden the participants perspectives with a presentation from Chandra Tresnadi (founder of Nitiki) and  (film director).

The second day started with another one of my training material on Funding and Financing Social Enterprises through means of traditional ways (investors, banks, donations, etc), and nontraditional ways such as philanthropies, venture capitalists, public shares, etc, also the risks and opportunities that surrounds it. Fajar from the British Council also helped by giving the participants examples, names and addresses of available philanthropist, organizations and venture capitalists out there who might be interested in social enterprise models.

The rest of the day the participants started working on their business model canvas with the guidance of mrs.Rini and Fajar. Working in groups, the participants made presentations of their business model they translated from their proposals and Logframe. The day was closed with mrs.Rini’s material on Social Audit, the way to measure success of a social enterprise, combining the materials I’ve given and other materials we’ve given on previous trainings to create a measuring and control tool that helps in conducting social audit.

After the second day sessions and a moment to freshen up, participants were  catered to an inspirational session held by FreSh. The speakers of the session were Nukman Luthfie (, Panca Sarunggu (Indonesia Travel Fair) and Riri Riza (film director). The focus on that inspiration night was about tourism, you can read more about it here.

Finally we came to the third day of the training.
The day started with a presentation on Social Marketing by a representative from the Arthur Guiness Fund, mr.Fred Otineo. He explains on the differences and commonality that traditional marketing have with social marketing. The session was followed by a mr.Romi Cahyadi, who delivered a material on Converting Community Organizations into Social Enterprise, and a discussion that followed.

Mr.Heri from the British Council announced the 10 finalist of the CEC, after which we carried out a world-cafe session where the 10 semi finalists had to present their business model canvas in just 2 minutes to every table. This is the first world cafe success for me, since I’ve never had a successful world cafe exercise.

The day isn’t over yet. A screening of a short film about the struggles of the factory workers in Venezuela began the final session. It was about how the workers began a cooperative company after the factory ceased production and was heading to bankruptcy.

The day was closed by a presentation from mr.Wahyu from AKSI (Indonesian Association of Social Entrepreneurs) which explained the programs of the organization and how to be part of it. After that mrs.Rini and I closed the training with awarding the top three participants of the program.

Personal Impressions
From my point of view, I have never been this happy sitting in a room with 45 other entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are not just ordinary entrepreneurs, they have a social agenda and all equally important. It was hard for me to review their proposals and not be sympathetic towards their cause, I’m just glad I’m not one of the jury with the job of having to pick out the winner. Best part of all, they all had spunk and a eager to learn, and it was a great honour for me to be able to share what I know with them and coach them.

Not only that, the participants of the CEC were also really creative entrepreneurs, I mean one is making fertilizers out of rabbit piss, another is colouring batik using everyday fruits, another is making food out of tofu waste, and those examples are just the tip of the iceberg, there’s 45 people here with creative ideas, and +600 out there that sent in the proposals also with their own creative ideas, how amazing is that?

I wish them well in the years ahead and praying for their success, as their success will help this country become a stronger nation.

We hope that the CEC program continues and those who participated in the training will continue their struggle in creating their social enterprises to succession. For those of you interested in being a part of CEC, the second batch is coming this December, be prepared. Get your proposals and idea ready and stay tuned to the British Council.

My training materials can be found and downloaded at the British Council Indonesia’s website and also on Slideshare, just follow the links below to access them.
Community Involvement & Engagement
Marketing Analysis
Funding & Financing Social Enterprise


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