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The Art of Soft Selling on Social Media

13 Sep

When you are a company that represents a brand or product on social media, its all about soft selling. Conventional methods won’t work much here, you’ve got to think a little bit outside the box. In social media, content is king. Whats the use of having 1 million followers if your content is straight-in-your-face hard sell? They’ll ignore your content or worse quit as a follower.

An example is how this Internet sensation Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a fish vendor at Queens market in Upton Park, London, who is now currently known for his singing sensation video courtesy of one of his customer: Collin Miller, showed us how he sells his fish. The lyric in what he sings may be hard selling, but the package he delivers is a soft selling content.

The Indian/Pakistani tune, the way he entertains people and how he drives them with great deals. If it was social media, he probably would get 6 million fans, and he did. Collin’s video has been seen by roughly 6 million viewers on Youtube, and Muhammad Shahid Nazir or known best as the One Pound Fish Man, have proppeled into stardom.



So yeah, content is important. It whats makes your fans and followers stay, read, may even become evangelists. If the content is really good, it may even get to be viral like One Pound Fish Man here.