Jakarta: Worlds #1 Tweeting Capital

1 Jan


Happy New Year everyone, this is my first blog post in 2013.
Victor Lipman’s article on Forbes just before 2012 closed was a surprise to many, Jakarta is currently the #1 tweeting city in the world. And if that isn’t enough, Bandung is the 6th tweeting city in the world. Although the data or news isn’t something new to those working in digital and social media (as Semiocast launched a similar finding on July 2012), but with 2 notches on the top 10 belt, Indonesia though positioning between 2nd and 3rd place in world’s most active twitter user, is proven over and over again as Asia’s consumer of social media.

As a life student and observer of human behaviour and culture, for me social media is just an extension of Indonesian’s social culture. Social media is an enhancement of that, and that is why it is so accepted and excelled here as it is in Japan and other countries with cultures that is high on socialization.

Another influence is the growth of the Indonesian internet penetration through mobile phones. Having a mobile device is a must, and now even most of the cheapest ones have facebook and twitter capabilities. Its not surprising that in 2012 a lot of mobile social media gotten their first adopters from Indonesia.


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