Arby’s, You’re Doing it Right!

4 Mar

The Mountain Hat

It started with a Viviene Westwood hat that looked like the 80’s Buffalo Girls hat where Pharrel Williams thought would be cool and a homage to hip hop to use it as one of his fashion style. When the Grammys took place, a photo of Pharrell wearing the hat caught the eye of the Arby’s social media team and they punned at  the singer with a Zing on twitter: “Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?”

Hat AuctionThe tweet had over 65.000 retweets and a reply from Pharrell, it was social media timing at its best. However, it ain’t over yet. A few days later Pharrell decided to auction the hat he wore to the Grammys for a charity he is supporting; the From One Hand To Another charity that helps teach people to code.

The auction took place on E-Bay and after 10 days of bidding, the hat sold for US$44.100 on March 2nd. Pharrell tweeted his gratitude to the bidder who bought the hat and guess who bought it? Yup, it was Arby’s.

Not only did they got something out of the tweet such as earned media and not to mention one hell of a good press, but it would’ve took a great effort to make corporate go ahead with bidding a hat. The result may not be as big as the Grammys, but its EPIC in my book. Arby’s social media showed follow through and the importance of not just those short term tweet glory, but the long term ones as this epic achievements to me is more memorable than the tweet they made at the Grammys.

My hats off to you Arby’s social media team, and may your posts be forever HAPPY.

Auction Tweet


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