Never Forget Your Roots

21 Dec


Wearing the colour of the senate, today we graduated 72 students. Smiles were all around, a sense of pride, achievement, and big hope. Tomorrow for most will be the start of their new chapter: Life.

When most went home to celebrate the day with friends and family, a group of graduates talked with me over lunch about whats next. How to get ahead and what will make them find success.

I told them to look at each other. We humans are a social bunch. We grow and measured by the company we keep and those who surrounds us.

Imagine living in a neighbourhood where everyone has nice houses, a single bad unkept house that stinks and a sore to see will lower the housing value of the beautiful homes around it. Should one of your friend becomes a failure, your value will decrease as you are part of the same group. Yes, the world is judgmental, stereotyping and bitter.

When you find work and you are doing your best, better than anyone, but your peers are doing bad work, it will hurt your reputation as you belong in the same group. You wont reach your goals and the groups bad name will reflect on you.

You see, you need others in order to succeed, you should never forget your roots, never leave a man or woman behind.

When a friend needs work, you help them by giving him leads, when co-workers do bad work you should help him or her be more effective. Their success will reflect on you. A great leader shares his or her knowledge to others, share their time, help others. Because in order to succeed, most times you will need the help of others, and what kind of help would you get if the ones that can help is not competent enough to help you.

You need people to be your root, your foundation to grow. If your roots are weak, then it will be a liability and a weakness. You can either hurt yourself by letting that root go or nourish it with your help so that it can grow stronger. You may think that big corporations just replace bad employees with good ones, but in the micro management level, you don’t get to be so lucky. Replacing a team member can be a tedious job and even hurt others as removing someone will not get you a replacement as soon as you want.

So rather than complaining about a co-worker who you think is incompetent, have you considered helping them be competent? It is after all the basic responsibility of being a manager, you make sure your team functions the way you want them to be, and most of the times you have to work with what you have.


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