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Success Kid Needs Your Help!

16 Apr
Image: Laney Griner

Image: Laney Griner

Little Sammy Griner’s adorable determined successful expression has become so many meme than most. With the right line (which doesn’t take much effort really, Sammy’s expression actually does the rest) most time doesn’t disappoint to become an entertaining meme.

Well now, the little guy is in need. According to Mashable, Justin Griner (39) otherwise known as Sammy’s dad is on 12 hour a week of blood dialysis and desperately needs a kidney transplant. Sammy’s mom Laney has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the transplant which will cover the pre surgery costs that isn’t covered by their medical insurance.

When I went to their GoFundMe page to chip in, I see that they’ve successfully achieved their target, but let us pray for a successful surgery, I’m looking forward to see little Sammy’s photo after his dad’s successful operation. It may just be the next meme wonder that can replace the memes I use after successful projects.

Good luck Mr.Griner and family.


Behind the Scenes of Johnnie Walker 2015 TVC

15 Apr

Remember that new 2015 Johnnie Walker TVC with seamless scene-to-scene shots done in one take. Well just recently they released a behind the scenes look at the production of the TVC. Watching that large stage platform move with rollers is impressive, other than that is exactly like the ad. It wasn’t as impressive as watching the behind the scenes production of the Old Spice TVC ad, but I learned quite a few things from it. Without further ado, here it is.

New Team LineUp

2 Apr

Team Picture 2015

This is our new team lineup, 15 strong for 2015. Its been an awesome 3 years and we hope to kick ass Indonesia’s digital and social media scene this year also and the years to come.