Retired! End of 2015 in a Nutshell

28 Dec

Long story short, on August 2015 I retired from the advertising agency life. I spent the better end of the year working for several Venture Capitals in curating local startups, especially in the field of media that have good scalability and traction. The curation are then produced into a list that the VCs can then pursue should they choose to.

During that period, I had the pleasure of meeting many startups, exchange ideas, even coached some on their business plan, and introduced them to VCs. Needless to say, September to December 2015 was a blast for me. I was getting paid to go to cafes and talk to people, which is much better than my previous job which is getting paid to look at social media all day, because this one comes with cappuccinos.

So, what does the future hold for 2016?
I’ve been offered a CEO position at a local advertising agency, and a Head of Digital at a multinational digital agency. Also, there is that feeling of wanting to start my own startup. We’ll just have a see then.

Happy New Year Guys!

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