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Retired! End of 2015 in a Nutshell

28 Dec

Long story short, on August 2015 I retired from the advertising agency life. I spent the better end of the year working for several Venture Capitals in curating local startups, especially in the field of media that have good scalability and traction. The curation are then produced into a list that the VCs can then pursue should they choose to.

During that period, I had the pleasure of meeting many startups, exchange ideas, even coached some on their business plan, and introduced them to VCs. Needless to say, September to December 2015 was a blast for me. I was getting paid to go to cafes and talk to people, which is much better than my previous job which is getting paid to look at social media all day, because this one comes with cappuccinos.

So, what does the future hold for 2016?
I’ve been offered a CEO position at a local advertising agency, and a Head of Digital at a multinational digital agency. Also, there is that feeling of wanting to start my own startup. We’ll just have a see then.

Happy New Year Guys!

What Social Medias Were Indonesians Using in 2014?

4 Sep

The title is the most asked question by clients, and so far I have not found any data that could tell me what is the popular social media is in Indonesia. Each claims a stake of being the most, but is that true? So I set myself on a quest to find out.

First of all, please take note that I am not a researcher by profession, so the way I set out to find out the answers might not be up to standard by those who are in the research industry. I did a mix of qualitative and quantitative questionnaires that I setup using Survey Monkey and Google Forms, then advertise them online targeted to regional Indonesia to get people to fill out the survey. I also slipped in questionnaires during Focus Group Discussions that the company I work for conduct. In all, in the course between Q3- Q4 2014, I managed to gather 3891 survey results which then took me a good 2 months to sift through.

By the numbers, 372 respondents were 13-15, 560 were 16-18, 829 were 19-21, 922 were 22-24, and 1208 were 25-44. The respondents were from Java (79%), Sumatra (9%), Sulawesi (7%), and the rest of Indonesia (5%). The following is the result that I gathered, Blue and Pink represents the genders, and Youtube is not listed as we find that users of all ages actively uses the service.

IDsocialmedia usage

Users 13-15
Facebook is dominant in both male and female, and so is Whatsapp usage. BBM is there as most users received handmedowns phones from their parents which are mostly Blackberries. Bee Talk has a presence in the female as during the time of the survey the brand was heavily advertising on TVC with local heart throbs. The boys were using it because the girls are there. Line is big with boys, but when asked, their answer was because of the games.

Users 16-18
Facebook is used less by both, the reasons are because their parents are on Facebook. Twitter and Line are on the rise. Line are used both for gaming and communicating, while Twitter is used to get the latest update for news and their idols. Bee Talk is here for the same reasons, which due to the heavy campaigns they had. Boys are early adapting Vine for the videos (not much on producing them), while the girls are into Snapchat for the secrecy. As for chatter, the boys rely on Whatapp

Users 19-21
We see a more diverse app usage on this age group. Facebook usage is slightly larger by females, though both claims to use facebook to see things people share and they often share things from other social medias to facebook. Both Line and Twitter are getting a larger usage by both. A new comer is Kakao Talk, but its due to the big campaign they had for discounts at hangout spots. Females using Kakao Talk more than the men. Another new comer is Path for the females and Instagram for the male. Snapchat is still dominantly used by females while Whatsapp is being used accordingly, but most of their conversations goes on with Line.

Users 22-24
The list of apps and social media used by this age group is actually the largest, but the list above is still the dominant ones. Linkedin is adopted more by males than females in this group most called First Jobbers. Facebook is respectively still there and is dominated mostly by females. The use of Line is growing smaller but still dominant in the female side. Though Kakao Talk is used by females of this age groups primarily for the promotions, Instagram is growing also, though most females use it to browse and shop rather than to post pictures. Path usage is growing larger in both groups though still dominated by females. BBM is still there as a remnant of Blacberry’s past glory, most of using it because of established groups.

Users 25-44
Facebook is large in this group for both. The male age group doesn’t give much of a reason why, but most female in the group claims that its more relaxed and easy to follow. This is probably why we see a huge drop in female Twitter usage in this group. Path is huge in the female group, it rising also in the male side, but we don’t see Path in most of the respondents above 38. Whatsapp is also still dominant for messaging, where we find claims of being more easier to use, less heavy and can have more users in a group than blackberry. We can assume BBM conversion to Whatsapp is high here though some still use BBM, most hate it because it has more and more ads in it. Linkedin is equally use by both, though males have are more active at updating thatn females. Instagram is growing on both sides, and Vine is used by males, although its at its infancy in 2014. We see less apps used and more based on essential needs. Some jokes that its the age factor setting in.


So, this is the results of my personal findings for Social media usage in 2014, I hope they can be of use or at least be an insight. I’m already starting on my 2015 surveys, and from what I experience so far, most of it is much more different, especially with DubSmash being popularly used today.

Success Kid Needs Your Help!

16 Apr
Image: Laney Griner

Image: Laney Griner

Little Sammy Griner’s adorable determined successful expression has become so many meme than most. With the right line (which doesn’t take much effort really, Sammy’s expression actually does the rest) most time doesn’t disappoint to become an entertaining meme.

Well now, the little guy is in need. According to Mashable, Justin Griner (39) otherwise known as Sammy’s dad is on 12 hour a week of blood dialysis and desperately needs a kidney transplant. Sammy’s mom Laney has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the transplant which will cover the pre surgery costs that isn’t covered by their medical insurance.

When I went to their GoFundMe page to chip in, I see that they’ve successfully achieved their target, but let us pray for a successful surgery, I’m looking forward to see little Sammy’s photo after his dad’s successful operation. It may just be the next meme wonder that can replace the memes I use after successful projects.

Good luck Mr.Griner and family.


Behind the Scenes of Johnnie Walker 2015 TVC

15 Apr

Remember that new 2015 Johnnie Walker TVC with seamless scene-to-scene shots done in one take. Well just recently they released a behind the scenes look at the production of the TVC. Watching that large stage platform move with rollers is impressive, other than that is exactly like the ad. It wasn’t as impressive as watching the behind the scenes production of the Old Spice TVC ad, but I learned quite a few things from it. Without further ado, here it is.

New Team LineUp

2 Apr

Team Picture 2015

This is our new team lineup, 15 strong for 2015. Its been an awesome 3 years and we hope to kick ass Indonesia’s digital and social media scene this year also and the years to come.

2014 in review

30 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Never Forget Your Roots

21 Dec


Wearing the colour of the senate, today we graduated 72 students. Smiles were all around, a sense of pride, achievement, and big hope. Tomorrow for most will be the start of their new chapter: Life.

When most went home to celebrate the day with friends and family, a group of graduates talked with me over lunch about whats next. How to get ahead and what will make them find success.

I told them to look at each other. We humans are a social bunch. We grow and measured by the company we keep and those who surrounds us.

Imagine living in a neighbourhood where everyone has nice houses, a single bad unkept house that stinks and a sore to see will lower the housing value of the beautiful homes around it. Should one of your friend becomes a failure, your value will decrease as you are part of the same group. Yes, the world is judgmental, stereotyping and bitter.

When you find work and you are doing your best, better than anyone, but your peers are doing bad work, it will hurt your reputation as you belong in the same group. You wont reach your goals and the groups bad name will reflect on you.

You see, you need others in order to succeed, you should never forget your roots, never leave a man or woman behind.

When a friend needs work, you help them by giving him leads, when co-workers do bad work you should help him or her be more effective. Their success will reflect on you. A great leader shares his or her knowledge to others, share their time, help others. Because in order to succeed, most times you will need the help of others, and what kind of help would you get if the ones that can help is not competent enough to help you.

You need people to be your root, your foundation to grow. If your roots are weak, then it will be a liability and a weakness. You can either hurt yourself by letting that root go or nourish it with your help so that it can grow stronger. You may think that big corporations just replace bad employees with good ones, but in the micro management level, you don’t get to be so lucky. Replacing a team member can be a tedious job and even hurt others as removing someone will not get you a replacement as soon as you want.

So rather than complaining about a co-worker who you think is incompetent, have you considered helping them be competent? It is after all the basic responsibility of being a manager, you make sure your team functions the way you want them to be, and most of the times you have to work with what you have.

Cadillac’s Rich Guy vs Ford’s Crazy Eco Entrepreneur

30 Mar

If you’ve read Guy Kawasaki’s “How To Drive Your Competitor Crazy”, well this is text book. The Cadillac brand is known for its luxurious automobiles, and when launching its electric hybrid the ELR, they went for the all American pride ego of an old 80s American dream persona. A rich man portrayed by actor Neil McDonough emphasizes on why Americans work hard than European or Asians and proud of it. It lifted and played on the American ego, defining that he worked hard to be where he is and got what he deserves.

Cadillac Ford

Did the ad work? Well yes as it represents an American Dream stereotype niche that is the target market of Cadillac, however America is a melting pot of cultures and the American Dream is sadly just a dream for most. It is marked as an over boastful, arrogant and tasteless ads to most who really are not in the Cadillac target market, and this is where our story starts. While the Cadillac ads gain praises in the upper class and non target markets in the American Midwest and South, other parts of the country especially the more urban critical and eco aware populous who mostly reside in the coastal part of the country (NY, Washington, San Fransisco, etc), finds it repulsive. Car manufacturer Ford finds this as opportunity to launch its Electric Vehicle the Ford C-Max Energi. Ford made a contrast replica of Cadillac’s ad, and in that contrast was what Ford wanted to grab as its target market for its Electric car consumers: hard working Americans who are aware of its surroundings and cares enough to make a difference. They cast a spunky urban farming entrepreneur and made something that not just Americans can relate to. I’ll just let you see the ad right away to make a comparison and maybe you’ll have your own preference to which ad you prefer and maybe defy my words above, I’d be interested in what you have to say.

Penipuan Lewat Telepon

7 Jan

phone scamSemalam dapat telpon dari nomor yang tidak dikenal, here’s the story:

Caller: Selamat malam pak, maaf mengganggu waktu bapak, kami dari [sebuah nama telco] ingin memberikan selamat dan menyampaikan kabar gembira kepada bapak. Boleh saya mendata nama bapak?

Gue: Lha, mas kan dari perusahaan telco, masa’ nelpon saya gak tahu saya siapa? Memangnya tidak ada databasenya?

Caller: Untuk mempercepat bapak, saya bicara dengan siapa?

Gue: Lha cek dong database kamu, kamu nelpon siapa. Kamu bilang saya menang kok kamu gak tahu saya siapa, apa kamu milih pemenang cap-cip-cup asal pencet nomor telepon? Gimana akuntabilitasnya? Reportingnnya gimana? Coba cek saya siapa.

Caller: (nada bete) Sebentar ya pak… (jeda sebentar) bapak berada di daerah Jawa Barat?

Gue: *Tutup Telpon*

Please ya mas-mas dan mbak-mbak penipu diluar sana, cari pekerjaan yang halal dan berkah. Bagi anda diluar sana yang awam, perhatikan kejanggalan penelpon. Jangan pernah memberikan nama anda di telepon pada orang yang anda tidak kenal. Orang yang mengatas namakan perusahaan biasanya akan menyebut nama dahulu “Apa betul saya berbicara dengan bapak/ibu…” sebelum melanjutkan pembicaraan karena mereka dihitung MPI (minutes per interaction), jadi mereka gak akan menghabiskan waktu berbicara pada seseorang yang bukan di list mereka.

Memberikan nama atau informasi lain bisa berakibat identity theft atau mungkin hipnotis. Audzubillahhimindhalik.

One Pound Fish Man

2 Jan

Pernah posting tahun lalu mengenai soft selling yang cerita sedikit mengenai One Pound Fish Man. Pagi tadi dapat link dari Sarita Sutedja kalau ada music videonya. 11 million hits since December 10th, mantap juga. Lo bisa beli lagunya di iTunes pula, harga lagunya 1 pound juga gak ya? Hahaha.

Congratulations mr.Muhammad Shahid Nazir or One Pound Fish Man, buy 5 get 6 at 1 pound each?
Check it out, come on ladies, come on ladies…